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Data Networking Solutions

We have made an art out of the Data Communications Technologies. We design, install, troubleshoot, maintain and integrate data networks. With expertise in wireless, Ethernet LAN and Optics technologies, we do data networks at enterprise scale. 

Website/Web Application Design

Web 2.0 and all its bells and wissle are withing our firm grasp at Radonium Global. We have become the pace-setters in the industry and our websites speak for themsleves. 

Our web application solutions cut across PHP/MySQL and ASP .NET/MSSQL

ICT Consulting

With experience spanning several years and across many fields of expertise, we offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • IT Strategy formulation
  • Software Development {Multiple Platforms & Technologies}
  • IT Infrastructure Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Automation of Previously Manual Processes
  • Training and ICT skills development
  • Data capture and data transformation
  • PABX, IP-PABX, Wireless PABX purchase & installation
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation.